Kristine Leonard, MLE, CLT

A Med Spa Director, Medical Aesthetician and Laser Technician for 15 years, there are not many aesthetic procedures or services that Kristine hasn’t successfully handled. She comes to Shapeology with years in the cosmetic reconstruction and dermatology industry and, most recently, ran a MedSpa. In addition to body sculpting, Kristine is certified in numerous aesthetic modalities and has a wide variety of procedural skills.

“My goal every day is to serve as a resource to my clients, answering the questions they are sometimes embarrassed to ask and to give my honest insight as to what services can and cannot do,” she said. “CoolSculpting is often a client’s first introduction to aesthetics. I cherish the time I have with these clients to educate them and put them at ease.”

Kristine has a love and passion for helping people grow their self-esteem through her work. A New Jersey native and long-time Scottsdale resident, she has two grown sons who are the light of her life. Despite being a desert dweller, she loves the beach and hiking on any terrain.